The Breath of Hope Foundation is dedicated to raising international awareness of yoga as a therapeutic practice useful in fostering integrative healing and resiliency in the aftermath of disaster, conflict and other situations of dislocation.

In the wake of recent cataclysmic events, including natural disasters and man-made conflicts, health ministries and relief agencies have acknowledged the prevalence of psychological distress in survivors, particularly among children who tend to be especially hard hit by sudden, violent change and loss.

Reports based on field studies carried out in the aftermath of conflict and disaster strongly recommend that children receive hands-on psychosocial support to prevent future stress-related physical and psychological symptoms and to re-establish the normal process of child development.

Based on these recommendations, some experts have turned to non-psychiatric and non-traditional methods such as meditation and mindfulness-based interventions as the most practical, and potentially the most effective and beneficial response to the distress of dislocation and loss.

As presented at the Ninth International Congress of Behavioral Medicine conference in Bangkok in December 2006, The Breath of Hope Foundation has systematically studied the effects of yoga on mood and on symptoms of distress.

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