Mold, asbestos and co: merciless pollutants in your own four walls

Home is the place where we should feel safe, relaxed and free. Unfortunately, however, the air often contains hidden dangers. Mold, asbestos and other contaminants put your health at risk and can lead to serious illness if ignored. These pollutants can be present in almost any home, regardless of age, size or location. In this article, we’ll uncover some of the most common pollutants and what we can do to protect ourselves against them.

Most of us are unaware of how often we expose ourselves to bacterial contamination spreading through our kitchens and bathrooms. However, mold, usually caused by moisture or leaks, is just one of many types of contaminants that can also enter through outdated building materials or broken windows. Asbestos, another pollutant commonly used in insulation or caulking in the past, can cause cancer and other diseases if inhaled.

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The importance of books and education for bulgarians abroad

Books and education are an invaluable resource for Bulgarians living abroad. Many Bulgarians have left their homeland for various reasons, including the prospect of better job opportunities and a higher income. However, for many of them it is difficult to find their way in a new country and to assimilate.

Books and education can build a cultural bridge and help to understand and bridge cultural differences. Books can give us a new perspective and a better understanding of how people live in other parts of the world. By putting ourselves in different perspectives, we can break down our own prejudices and cultural barriers and build friendly connections.

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Protection against excessive noise in the home

Too much noise in the home can quickly become a burdensome problem. Whether it’s traffic noise from outside, the neighbor’s TV or loud music from other residents in the house – the constant background noise can lead to stress and discomfort in the long run.

It is therefore important to protect oneself effectively from too much noise. This means not only taking acoustic measures, but also rethinking one’s own behavior. In this article, you will learn how to protect yourself from noise in the home and what measures help to keep the peace in your own home.

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Psychopedagogue and psychologist: differences and characteristics

The terms psychopedagogue and psychologist are often confused with each other, as they both work in the field of psychology. But there is an important difference: while the psychologist is primarily responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders, the psychopedagogue deals with pedagogy and education.

The psychopedagogue is mainly engaged in educational work in and out of schools. He analyzes the behavior of children and adolescents and develops methods to promote their development. Psychological elements such as the promotion of self-esteem or resilience-oriented concepts can also play a role here.

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Coronavirus: pharmacies can make effective disinfectants in the lab

The spread of the coronavirus has the world in its grip, and the demand for disinfectants has skyrocketed. Many people have difficulty accessing these products. However, pharmacies have found a solution by being able to produce effective disinfectants themselves in the laboratory.
The German Federal Institute for Drugs and Medical Devices (BfArM) has issued an exemption allowing pharmacies to produce disinfectants themselves. This authorization is temporary and only valid for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic.
Pharmacies can now make their own disinfectants based on ethanol and hydrogen peroxide. Ingredients are mixed in pharmacies and the result is tested for effectiveness by a laboratory. Once the disinfectant has been successfully tested, it can be used.

The role of pharmacies in the production of disinfectants

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, disinfectants have become an important tool for preventing infections. Pharmacies are an important point of contact for people who need high-quality and effective disinfectants. The good news is that pharmacies are capable of making disinfectants in the lab.

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5 Important steps to a perfect lawn

A green, well-kept lawn contributes significantly to the aesthetics of a garden and invites you to relax. However, in order to maintain this beautiful sight, some measures must be taken. In this article, we will highlight five important steps that will help keep your lawn healthy and beautiful.

To begin, it is important to mow the lawn regularly, keeping in mind the optimal height of cut. The rule of thumb here is that the lawn should not be cut too short to support healthy growth. At the same time, however, the lawn should not be left too high, as this can lead to increased moisture and therefore increased mold growth.

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Protect your eyes: invert screen colors

Working for hours on a computer screen can strain your eyes. Constantly looking at the screen can cause eye discomfort, such as eye fatigue, headaches, and dry eyes. One way to ease the strain on your eyes is to invert screen colors.

This means changing the background color from white to black and the font from black to white. This is especially useful if you work in dark environments, as the bright screen light becomes less stressful on your eyes.

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Baby swimming – a sensible start to life in the water

Baby swimming is becoming increasingly popular with parents who want to teach their little ones to have fun in the water. But how useful is it really and when to start?

The question of whether baby swimming actually has a positive influence on physical and mental development preoccupies many parents. However, scientific studies show that swimming can have a positive effect on coordination, balance and motor development.

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Families in poverty – support services through daycare

Families in poverty - support services through daycare

Poverty is an increasing problem in many societies and countries, including Germany. Families living in poverty are often excluded from social participation and education. Children are particularly affected, and their development and future prospects can be severely impaired. One way to help families in poverty is through daycare centers. Thanks to their integrative and educational function, daycare centers can help balance social inequalities.
Support services provided by daycare centers range from childcare and encouragement to helping parents manage their daily lives. One important task is targeted support for children with special needs, such as language support for children with an immigrant background or social-emotional support for children from stressed families. In addition, daycare centers often offer support for parents, such as counseling sessions or referrals to other sources of help.
This series of articles takes a closer look at various aspects of the support services provided by daycare centers to families in poverty. This also addresses the importance of education and early childhood development in the context of poverty. Ultimately, the question of what role policy plays in supporting families in poverty and promoting equal opportunity is discussed.

Causes of poverty in families

Poverty can arise from various causes. One possibility is low income, which often goes hand in hand with low educational attainment and a lack of job opportunities. Another factor is the family situation. Single parents often struggle to provide adequately for their children and need more support than two-parent families. Health problems can also play an important role. If someone is unable to work due to physical or mental limitations, their income is lower.

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Should you cut off seed pods on oleander?

Oleander is a widespread and popular plant, prized for its beautiful flowers and sweet fragrance. However, many homeowners wonder whether or not they should cut off the seed pods on their oleanders. This issue depends on a number of factors, including the age of the plant and the purpose for which it is being grown.
Seed pods contain the seeds of the plant and may appear after the flowering period. Some gardening enthusiasts believe that removing the seed pods can help improve the flowering time and growth of the plant. However, others argue that removing the seed pods can unnecessarily stress the oleander by depriving it of the energy it needs for healthy growth.
In this article, we will discuss the arguments for and against cutting off seed pods on oleander to see if it is a good idea to remove them or not.

Should you cut off the seed pods on the oleander?

The oleander, also known as the rose laurel, is one of the most popular plants in many gardens. During its blooming season, it is a delight to the eyes, and many garden owners enjoy the delightful aroma of its flowers. However, when the fruits of the oleander, the seed pods, ripen, the question often arises as to whether or not to cut them off.

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