Erasmus+ report on the participation in the course “intercultural learning – creating success”

As a participant of the Erasmus+ course “Intercultural Learning – making it work” I had a great opportunity to improve my intercultural knowledge and skills. This course was offered as part of the Erasmus+ program, which aims to promote student and staff mobility in the European education sector.
The course was aimed at lecturers and teachers from different countries who are interested in intercultural issues and want to improve their intercultural skills. During the course, we covered a variety of topics, including cultural comparisons, intercultural communication, conflict resolution in intercultural contexts, and intercultural skills development.
During the course, a lot of emphasis was placed on practical application and activities to provide a deep understanding of intercultural issues. In both individual and group activities we have had the opportunity to share our own experiences and perspectives and to learn from each other. The course offered the chance to establish valuable contacts with teachers and lecturers from other countries and to develop new approaches to teaching in our home countries.

Erasmus+ Report: Successful participation in the course “Intercultural Learning – making it work”

In the framework of the Erasmus+ program I had the opportunity to participate in the course “Intercultural Learning – making it successful” to participate. The course took place in an international group and was designed to enhance the intercultural competence of the participants.

The course was led by experienced trainers who taught us about important topics such as cultural differences, intercultural communication and different perspectives in varied workshops and discussions. We were encouraged to bring our own experiences and challenges from our everyday life into the course.

Especially the practical exercises helped me a lot to improve my intercultural skills. In group work and role plays we had to deal with different scenarios and find solutions together. It allowed me to better reflect and improve my behavior in intercultural situations.

  • Conclusion:
  • The course “Intercultural Learning – designing successfully was an outstanding opportunity for me to enhance my intercultural competence.
  • By interacting with participants from different countries and cultures, I was able to deepen my understanding of other cultures.
  • The practical exercises and workshops were particularly helpful.

My Erasmus+ report about the participation in the course “Intercultural Learning – successfully shaping”

Last week I had the opportunity to participate in the Erasmus+ course “Intercultural Learning – making it work”. I was particularly interested in this course because in my work I regularly deal with people from different cultures and I wanted to improve my intercultural competence.

The course took place in a beautiful city and the participants came from different countries. It was very interesting to learn about the differences and similarities in our cultures. We had many discussions and activities aimed at improving our understanding of each other.

During the course we also learned how to successfully design and implement intercultural learning programs. I found it very helpful and I will use this knowledge in my work. It was also great to become part of an international network of professionals working on similar issues as me.

  • Overall, taking this course was a great experience and I can recommend it to anyone who works in a globalized world or is just interested in learning more about different cultures.
  • I would also like to thank Erasmus+ for giving me this incredible opportunity.
Erasmus+ report on the participation in the course 'intercultural learning - creating success'

The importance of cultural learning

Cultural learning is an important aspect of today’s multidimensional societies. In times of globalization, the coexistence of people from different cultural backgrounds has increasingly become the norm in many countries. Intercultural learning represents the process of learning knowledge, skills, and abilities that facilitate intercultural communication and collaboration.

One of the many objectives of the Erasmus+ course “Intercultural Learning – making it work” was to help the participants improve their skills in dealing with cultural diversity. The course included various interactive and dynamic approaches to provide a deeper and more practical understanding of intercultural competence.

  • Participants learned to explore and understand different cultural perspectives.
  • They were given skills to solve problems together and overcome challenges that arise in intercultural situations.
  • Course participants improved their ability to act as mediators in intercultural situations and had the opportunity to share their own personal experiences and perspectives.

Intercultural competence is becoming more and more important in today’s globalized world. The ability to work in a variety of intercultural contexts, working with people from different ethnic, cultural, national and religious backgrounds and worldviews is more important than ever before. Intercultural understanding can help break down barriers, reduce conflict, and achieve more successful outcomes, whether in business, education, or politics.


Participating in the Erasmus+ course “Intercultural Learning – making it successful” gave me new perspectives and insights into the world of intercultural education. I was able to share and network knowledge and experiences with other participants and lecturers from different countries.

In the future, I plan to apply what I learned in my professional and private life and deepen my intercultural competencies. In particular, I would like to improve my ability to work with international partners and clients and minimize obstacles caused by intercultural misunderstandings.

I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this course and to have the chance to further develop my intercultural skills. I recommend everyone who has the chance to participate in such a program to take advantage of the offer and benefit from the experience.

  • The Erasmus+ program provides an excellent opportunity for individuals who want to enhance their intercultural skills and gain international experience.
  • Courses are accessible to all participants and offer a wide range of topics and disciplines.
  • The experience of meeting people from different countries is priceless and allows for cross-border collaboration and friendships to develop.

Overall, participating in the Erasmus+ course “Intercultural Learning – making it successful” was an enriching experience that I would recommend to anyone.


After my participation in the Erasmus+ course “Intercultural Learning – shaping successfully” I can only say that I had a really positive experience. The course provided a variety of opportunities to develop and enhance intercultural competencies.

In particular, the importance of intercultural sensitivity and empathy was emphasized in order to understand and accept different cultural backgrounds and perspectives.

Erasmus+ report on the participation in the course 'intercultural learning - creating success'

The group work and discussions with participants from different countries were very interesting and enriching. Through mutual support and sharing of experiences we could learn from each other.

  • From this course I have not only developed intercultural skills but also made valuable international contacts.
  • I will definitely use what I have learned in my professional and personal life and recommend this course to anyone who is interested in intercultural learning.

I thank the Erasmus+ program and all the organizers for the opportunity to participate in this course.