Get online even faster now – secure fiber-optic expansion

In times when home offices and video conferencing are part of everyday life, a fast and reliable Internet connection is essential. And this is precisely where fiber optic expansion comes in: It makes the Internet faster, more stable and more powerful. As a result, many municipalities and businesses are investing in digital expansion and want to provide their citizens and employees with the best network possible.
There are currently some lucrative offers for private households that opt for a fiber optic connection. For example, you can secure up to €110 as a bonus – a worthwhile offer that you shouldn’t miss out on. Below you can learn more about the benefits of fiber optic expansion and how you can take advantage of current offers.

Why is fiber optic expansion important?

Fiber optic expansion is of great importance for the future of the Internet and our society. Because nowadays more and more devices and machines are online. A stable and fast Internet connection is thus essential for people’s quality of work and life. Fiber optic cables are a technology here, which is particularly powerful and forward-looking. They enable transmission rates of up to several gigabits per second and thus offer a much higher transmission speed than other technologies.

By expanding fiber optic cables, not only private individuals, but also companies and public authorities can therefore benefit from a faster and more stable Internet connection. For example, telemedicine and video conferencing can be carried out without delays or disruptions. New technologies such as autonomous driving and augmented reality are also made possible by a fast connection.

Another advantage of fiber optic cables is their high immunity to interference, which means that they are less susceptible to interference during transmission. This increases the quality of the connection, which is especially important in regions with weak or irregular Internet connections.

If you invest now in the expansion of fiber optics in your company or private household, you can also benefit from various subsidies and grants. In this way, up to €110 can be made available to support fiber optic expansion. Thus, it pays to invest in the future viability and quality of work and to benefit from the advantages of a fiber rollout.

Fiber optic expansion – secure up to €110 now!

Experts agree: expanding fiber-optic networks is the key to Germany’s future viability. According to a study by the Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research, the nationwide presence of fiber optics can lead to value creation of more than €100 billion by 2025.

But the expansion does not happen on its own. Rural regions in particular often lack financial resources and political will. However, the German government has reacted and is providing subsidies of around 12 billion euros.

Medium-sized companies such as Deutsche Telekom and Deutsche Glasfaser are also investing in the roll-out. Not only users benefit from faster Internet, but also the telecommunications industry and many other sectors of the economy. An expansion of fiber optic technology thus pays off for all parties involved.

With our current offer, you too can benefit from fiber optic expansion. If you opt for a fiber-optic connection now, you can secure a bonus of up to €110.

How to save up to €110 on fiber rollout

With fiber-optic expansion, you can surf the Internet even faster and benefit from a better connection. But often the costs for the expansion are high. With a few tips, however, you can save up to €110.

First, you should find out which providers offer fiber-optic expansion in your region. Compare the tariffs and offers carefully and pay attention to the hidden costs.

Another way to save money is to share the connection with your neighbors. With an appropriate agreement, the costs can be shared and thus become more favorable for all parties involved.

  • Another option is to sign a contract during a promotion or campaign. Many providers offer limited-time deals with discounts.
  • If you already have a contract with a provider, you should ask about discounts for loyal customers. Companies often offer such discounts and promotions for new and existing customers.

In summary, fiber optic expansion may initially incur high costs, but it pays off in the long term. However, with a few tricks you can already save a lot during installation.

Frequently asked questions about fiber optic expansion

What is fiber optic expansion?

Fiber optic expansion refers to the expansion of the broadband network with fiber optic lines. These offer faster transmission rates than conventional copper lines and are therefore the future of the Internet.

Why fiber optic expansion is important?

Fiber rollout is important to connect rural areas to high-speed Internet and drive digital progress. A fast Internet connection is also becoming increasingly important for companies and can bring competitive advantages.

How to participate in fiber optic expansion?

Depending on the region and the provider, there are different ways to participate in fiber expansion. Interested parties are often informed via information booths or information events and can then decide on a connection.

What are the benefits of the “Fiber optic expansion – secure up to €110 now” campaign??

The promotion can save customers up to €110 when they order a new fiber-optic connection. This promotion is designed to promote the expansion of the broadband network and provide an incentive for customers to upgrade to the high-speed fiber optic plan.

Fiber-optic expansion – an investment in the future:

The expansion of fast Internet connections through fiber optic cables is an important step into the future. In this age of home offices, online education and streaming services, a stable, high-performance connection is increasingly important. A technology that will last for decades and is constantly evolving to ensure ever higher speeds and better performance.

But fiber rollout also comes at a high cost and can be difficult and expensive in some regions due to challenging geographic conditions. For this reason, the state is now offering subsidies to accelerate the expansion and enable all regions to have a fast connection.

Up to €110 subsidy per household:

In order to drive forward the expansion of fiber optics in Germany and provide every household with a fast Internet connection, the government is granting a subsidy of up to €110 per household. This subsidy can be applied for if the fiber optic network is expanded accordingly. An important incentive for companies to invest in the rollout and thus also open up regions with difficult conditions.

  • The subsidy must be applied for within a certain period of time.
  • Part of the subsidy must be paid by the company.
  • It must be a fiber optic line and not a copper line.

The subsidy is an important step into the future and is intended to help ensure that rural areas are also supplied with high-speed Internet. Investments in fiber optic expansion are therefore forward-looking and can contribute to a better life in all areas in the long term.

Get online even faster now - secure fiber-optic expansion