Project of the month june: “valued and used” – the bornich family center

The Bornich Family Center is a unique place where families and children can meet and spend time together. It is a place of meeting, support and joy. The Bornich Family Center offers a wide range of activities and programs for children, young people and parents to support them in their personal development and family life.
The project “Valued and used” was selected as Project of the Month in June to recognize the importance and success of the Bornich Family Center. The project focuses on raising awareness and appreciation of the family center and its activities in the community. It aims to ensure that the center is used and appreciated by all families in the area.


In June, the Bornich Family Center is featured as the Project of the Month. The center has an important role in the community and offers support to families and children. The project “Valued and used Aims to increase awareness of the importance of the center and promote its use.

The Bornich Family Center offers a variety of services, including a day care center, family counseling, and support for children with special needs. It is an important place for parents to receive support in the education of their children and to exchange ideas with other parents. It also provides opportunities for children to socialize and improve their skills.

As part of the project, various initiatives have been launched to raise community awareness of the center. This includes events for families, presentations in schools and flyers in public institutions. Aims to reach a wider audience and encourage more people to use the family center.

June’s Project of the Month will help establish the Bornich Family Center as an important resource for families and children in the community. Promoting the use of the center strengthens the community and improves the well-being of families and children.

The project “Valued and used at the Bornich Family Center

The Bornich Family Center is committed to promoting parent-child relationships and supporting families. Within the framework of the project “Valued and used uses the resource of nature to support children’s development and raise awareness of environmental protection.

Project of the month june: 'valued and used' - the bornich family center

Through various workshops and activities, children and parents are shown different ways to appreciate and use nature. This includes, for example, handicraft and building activities with natural materials, gardening together or excursions in nature.

The project “Appreciated and used thus makes an important contribution to early childhood education and at the same time promotes environmental awareness in the community. The positive response of the families involved shows the importance of such projects for the local community.

Project of the month june: 'valued and used' - the bornich family center
  • Parent-child relationship
  • Environmental protection
  • Child development
  • Education
  • Community

The Bornich Family Center – A unifying element for the community

The Bornich Family Center is not only a place for families, but also an important part of the community. Here not only care for children is offered, but also events for all residents are held. The center thus acts as a link between the different groups within the community.

Especially for single parents, the family center is an important contact point. Allowing them to interact with other parents and benefit from childcare services. The center also offers support and integration into the community for families with a migration background.

The Bornich Family Center thus makes an important contribution to strengthening the sense of community and promotes social cohesion within the community. It has grown into an important project and deserves recognition and support.

  • Support for families
  • Integration of families with a migration background
  • Promoting a sense of community
  • Strengthening social cohesion in the community

Future plans of the family center

The Bornich family center offers numerous services for families and children. In order to meet the needs of the visitors, further developments are also planned in the future.

One of the projects relates to the design of the outdoor area. The goal is to create a playground and a common garden. Here children and adults can spend time together and express their creativity.

There are also plans to expand the range of courses offered. Not only thematically, but also in terms of target groups. Special courses for single parents and grandparents will be offered. Workshops on nutrition and health are also planned.

Another goal is to establish a repair café. This is where people come together to repair their broken items. The aim is to conserve resources and increase awareness of sustainability.

In order to make the offers of the family center better known, it is planned to improve the online presence and to rely more on social media platforms. Flyers and posters will also be distributed more widely in the region to make the family center even better known as a place to go.

  • Common garden and playground
  • Expanding the range of courses offered
  • Establishment of a Repair Café
  • Improve online presence and increase use of social media platforms
  • Distribution of flyers and posters in the region