Volunteer support for the ukrainian army

In the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, the people on both sides are suffering the most. However, many citizens of Ukraine believe in the independence of their country and do everything they can to support their armed forces. One of them is pensioner Saba (67), who is among the volunteers who agree to train the Ukrainian army.

Volunteer support for the ukrainian army

Saba, a former weightlifter, offers a unique perspective on the conflict and tries to teach her skills to others. She specializes in training students and artists who have volunteered to support the military. She believes that she must use her experience and skills to defend her homeland.

The volunteer movement in Ukraine has grown in importance in recent years and plays an important role in supporting the Ukrainian army. Many people did not pay attention to whether they were soldiers or volunteers, but to their dedication and desire to defend their country. Volunteers are also responsible for supplying and upgrading the army with equipment and materials.

Saba and her fellow volunteers motivate their compatriots to get involved as well, fulfilling the lack of structures and resources necessary to fully support the army. In time, they hope to help bring the conflict in Ukraine to a positive end.

Retired Saba (67) passes on her knowledge

Saba is a retiree at the age of 67 who has dedicated her entire life to military training. After serving in the army for several years, she decided to pass on her knowledge to the younger generation.

Since the beginning of the conflict in Ukraine, Saba has taught students and artists to teach them basic military techniques. The goal was to help the volunteers improve their military skills and better prepare to fight against pro-Russian separatists.

Volunteer support for the ukrainian army

Saba’s classes include everything from basic weapons techniques to tactical communications and battlefield survival skills. Students also learn how to use improvised explosive devices and build defensive barricades.

  • Saba’s lessons have been found extremely useful by many volunteers and have helped to improve their skills.
  • Saba’s mission to pass on her knowledge to the next generation is a valuable example of how retirees can contribute to society.
  • Through Saba’s classes, volunteers have the knowledge and skills they need to operate more safely in the conflict zone and protect their lives.